Saturday, September 17, 2011

There's No Crying in FedEx Office!

This post title would have sounded better if that place was still called Kinkos, but times change and acquisitions happen....

Anyway, the point of this post is to recount my teary and pitiful visit to FedEx Office** this week in hopes of reminding you of some simple steps to take in YOUR business so YOU aren't brought to tears by any antiquated systems.  Traveling away from your office can result in some business headaches, all of which can be strategically avoided!

Yes, I broke down and cried in the middle of the store when their fax machine was taking 41 seconds to scan and send each page and I had 27 pages to send!  I don't do quick math, but I knew it was going to take FOREVER!  I didn't have forever.  Nor did I want to calculate the cost of over $1/page and exactly what this mistake in planning and preparedness was going to set me back.

1. If you have to send a fax, fax it not only to the recipient, but also send it to your own Ufax.  This way you will have an electronic copy you can access from anywhere and send it on virtually as a plan B.  I left my office that fateful day without doing both of these steps, and boy was that a dumb move!

2. Call to verify the instructions & alternatives:  I like to follow directions, and the directions said to "fax" the documents in.  After the debacle and tears at FedEx I called to find out an email with the attachment would have been acceptable - of course it was.

3. Have ready at all times your mobile business tools and organize your documents in the cloud.  Some real estate companies offer the cloud computing software and systems which make retrieving and accessing documents a breeze.  Don't resist the movement --get to know these systems to make your life and business easier.

In this business, don't ever take lightly the popular notion that NO ONE will callyou or email you or need anything from you the day your are prepping to be unavailable....only once you are away from your desk do you become as essential as the air we breathe.  Be prepared!

**Thank you Mr. FedEx Office man for refunding my money.  I couldn't see your name tag through my tears to give you a proper "good-bye".

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Too Long of a Time Coming

I get to live another day. I get to live, work, love and put knowledge into action. On a heavy anniversary like today, surrounded by sights, sounds and stories of the tragic events that transpired exactly ten years ago, I am finally shaken closer to my core. A candle is lit inside me. Actually, maybe I woke up today because so many of the my recent interactions touched my soul striking every emotion imaginable.  My wick not only is lit, but the flame is so hot I can't stand it anymore!

Many fellow Realtors and industry affiliates were together on this day in 2001. Our annual Ohio Association of Realtors conference takes place this time each year and the stories they share about their collective 9/11 reactions are chilling. Each year they re-visit memories and ever year since I have been attending conferences there are touching tributes made to show our respects.

I arrived a day early to take a 6 hour education course on finding life's freedoms through planned business success. Sounds romantic. Sounds like what I have been striving for going on my 9th year now as a Realtor; but it felt like the instructor held a lighter to my wick yesterday for six hours and challenged me to take real, honest steps toward igniting my internal flame, both from a business and personal perspective.

This afternoon at the Women's Council of Realtors luncheon, an inspirational message was shared and one of our members spontaneously lead our group in singing "God Bless America". Then, our oldest member, 94, stood before us to accept recognition for her tireless service. Next, our Member of the Year whispered a teary "thank you" to the group, saying our selection especially touched her as she was experiencing personal difficulties this week. Lastly, we said "good-bye" to a retiring member who gave her sincere gratitude to her friends and colleagues.  Meaningful.

Immediately following the WCR luncheon my flame was strategically fanned by a dynamic continuing education class regarding taking your business to the next level by integrating evolving industry technology - not rocket science, not really anything I hadn't heard before, though the information carried a different kind of weight this time. It was heavy but wasn't falling onto deaf ears anymore -- my ears weren't just hearing, they were listening and so was my mind and my heart all in sync.

I spent the day surrounded by successful and driven individuals who are dedicated to their industries, their families, their charities and toward leading a thoughtful life with attitudes of gratitude - how dare I take my own personal and business gifts for granted and live another day paralyzed not making a more courageous effort to live fully and with planned purpose.

I AM AWAKE AND MY CANDLE IS HOT!  Welcome to my blog.