Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rich with History, Real or Imagined

     Sometimes the things I see while touring houses really strike me. They make me think.  A story begins to form, a vivid scene of what might have been plays out and I catch myself really becoming enamored by the people who likely lived here.

     This was an old home built in the 1950s.  A sprawling ranch with a rare bonus room off the back, complete with lime green carpeting that didn't look a day older than 5 years.  The property was absolutely outdated, but ultra-clean, neat and maintained to a tee, because that is how many folks of that generation kept their investments. 

     Upstairs was a box left by the "Mrs."; an odd collection of identical miniature Christmas tree ornaments.  Just bare green trees with no decorations.  What I found in the basement is what made my mind wander to a place where I could see the "Mr." of the household tinkering and spending hours upon hours putzing around.  In my mind, I watched him take great pride in brainstorming the design of the shelves that would house these essential pieces and parts.  Then, he cut the wood measuring with care that each tiny jar that held great purpose would fit just right.  He had so many things to organize he couldn't afford to make a mistake.  Once the unit was complete, he could hardly wait to fill each jar with his collection of fasteners and widgets, knowing full well that this organization would save time and money for the rest of his life and satisfy his craving for order and ease.

The hand-made creation was still crisp and clean like the rest of the property.  The Mr. and Mrs. moved on now, maybe even beyond this life -- who knows.  What I do know?  Each house teaches a lesson and tells a story.

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