Thursday, May 10, 2012

Daily Dose of Nonsense

It was a typical Sunday in most respects, a full day of client meetings and an open house smack dab in the middle of the afternoon.   A standard work day is bound to have some sort of adventure mixed in, like tripping up a set of stairs, dropping house keys into the abyss of your car seats, or seeing something along the way that makes you laugh out loud.
I drove by this sign three times, in awe with a big smile after each passing, until finally I turned around to snap the picture.  Pulling slowly into the apartment complex, I take the picture of the street sign that reads like slang.  Reminds me of a joke my friend Kathy tells of a Southern Belle who responds "real nice" after each of her friends brags ad nauseum about her wonderful life, until the punch line when "real nice" is her response that incinuates she's seen the anatomy of one of their husbands!  I digress...

Thinking the street sign was funny enough, I enter the complex to find a place to turn around, only to find THIS CAR!  There is just NO WAY that there is any "real quiet" in the area where this bilboard is parked!  On all three sides it says "It's Barbie, Bi*$hes!"  And this little Realtor laughed all the way home....

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